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The 3rd Alternative


Target or Wal-Mart?

Donkey or elephant?

Nike or Adidas?

Choice or life?

Ross or Marshalls?

Same-sex or traditional?

Skittles or Starburst?

Love or hate?

Contribution or consumption?

This or that. One or the other.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions…

Whether the topic is Skittles or same-sex marriage, one thing’s clear to me – our choices, our stances, our positions, our views, our opinions, and our beliefs are fuel.

The interesting paradox of fuel is that it can sustain you and it can leave you broken down on the side of the road. It can fill you and it can drain you. It can evaporate and it can ignite.

As I look back over the last year or so at all the hot button issues that have fueled, provoked, infuriated, and riled people up: the Chik-fil-A controversy, the election, Obamacare, Paula Deen, Myley Cyrus, George Zimmerman, and most recently Phil Robertson’s remarks, I’m reminded just how far we all still have to go.

Thanks to social media, we’re always a post or tweet away from voicing our delight or disgust on any given topic in real time.

A verdict is read. We respond.

Results are in. We react.

Oftentimes, those reactions and responses are raw, unfiltered, and knee-jerk. Every time, those reactions and responses reveal what truly lurks beneath. They reveal our character and show who we really are.

My question is: Why are we so swift to join bandwagons in public that require so little of us beyond a comment, a like, or a share and so slow to fight vigorously in private for weightier matters that require all of us?

We get so worked up over external issues and pay little to no attention to the internal happenings of our own hearts. We point fingers, blame, look down our noses, vilify, chastise, and criticize. We pick sides. We galvanize our base and we rally…we rally…we rally.

There has to be another option. There has to be another way…

When we are more concerned with Miley’s twerking than we are with how well we are parenting our kids to value themselves and their worth…there’s a problem.

When we are more concerned with guessing if a neighborhood watch guy killed a teenage boy because he was black than we are with bringing our own, subtle forms of racism to the surface and into the light…there’s a problem.

And when we are more concerned with telling people what the Bible says about homosexuality than we are with whether or not our homosexual brothers and sisters see truth in us…there’s a problem.

Discourse that demonizes, disenfranchises, divides and does not cultivate is nothing but noise. Rhetoric that robs, removes dignity, and is communicated with a retaliatory spirit is counterproductive.

It’s time for a new way…a new path…a new way of processing…a new way of thinking. It’s time for an alternative response.

It’s time to lash out less and LOVE more.

It’s time to stop stealing JOY and start giving it.

It’s time to lay our pride down and begin striving for PEACE.

It’s time to stop inflicting so much suffering with our words and start SUFFERING LONG with those who we so often marginalize.

It’s time to stop fanning the flame of contention and start igniting the power on KINDNESS.

It’s time to break our addiction to instant gratification and begin placing emphasis on GOODNESS to others.

It’s time to realize that FAITHFULNESS doesn’t mean allegiance to a cause it means being someone who others can rely on.

It’s time to put our megaphones down and pick up GENTLENESS.

It’s time to speak less and begin exhibiting the SELF-CONTROL that places value and humanity on our neighbor.

Bottom-line is what we say matters and how we say it matters even more.


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