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The Paradox of Restlessness


Have you ever felt anxious?  Impatient?  Uneasy?  Antsy?

Have you ever felt like life was spiraling out of control and confusion was more accurate of a depiction of your state of mind than clarity was?

Of course you have.  We all have.  We’ve all had things not go our way.  We’ve all been in that place before where we try to make sense of the turbulence.

We’ve all experienced rough spots, e.g. past due bills, relationship struggles, career woes.  All of us have dealt with some type of restlessness at some point in our journeys.

Restlessness, or as I like to call it “that fidgety feeling you get right before a breakthrough”, is a good thing.  However, it can be very unsettling, uncomfortable, and taxing.  It can bring things to the surface that are difficult to deal with.  But one thing’s for sure – restlessness will never keep you still.

Let me repeat that – restlessness will never keep you still.

Restlessness disallows you from staying put.  It prevents you from aimlessly wandering in the murky waters of indecision. It’s the anti-venom when mediocrity sinks its teeth into you.  It’s the kryptonite for the ordinary life.

Restlessness forces you to ask questions.  Questions like: Why am I in this place?  What responsibility and ownership do I need to take?  What is my greater design?  How can I truly live a life of passion and service?

Here are 3 distinct advantages of restlessness:


There’s something extremely powerful about placing a magnifying glass up to the cracks and crevices of your life.  When excavation occurs – elevation occurs.  Opening yourself up and confronting uncertainty is an invaluable approach to developing yourself.

Restlessness introduces us to ourselves.


“Ruffles what?”, you may ask.  Your feathers of course!  If you think about it, when do you typically take your greatest strides?  When you’re comfortable?  Probably not.  I’m guessing you’ve seen the greatest strides in your life when you were agitated enough to act or prodded enough to persist beyond a given obstacle.

Allow the process to take its course.  Without the ruffling of a few feathers here and there, you remain the same.  And remaining the same is the enemy of becoming remarkable.  You want to be remarkable, right?


Have you ever felt like you were losing yourself?  Without question, it’s one of the most frustrating places you can be in.  You doubt your capabilities.  You question your worth.  You forget who you are.

Restlessness helps you find your center again.  It restores the eyes of your youth – when fear was overshadowed by risk and insecurity was swallowed by wonder and awe.  Allow the uncharted waters to be freeing waters.

Internal expansion and seeing with new eyes is no easy task.  But a task, nonetheless, that’s critical as we seek to grow and be a blessing to others.

Stay restless my friends:)



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