Romeo is not an avid fisherman, snowboarder or bungee jumper.  However, he does enjoy watching videos of other people bungee jumping.  He loves the New York Football Giants, anything Apple, making videos, designing websites, cooking & grilling and spending time with friends.  Did we mention he loves the New York Football Giants?

He’s married to a beautiful woman named Natalie.  If you were to ask his friends if he married out of his league, they would all say yes.  He also has two amazing children (Landon and Calleigh).


In 2003, Romeo received his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Maryland.  While in college, after studying a comprehensive definition of economics (the study of how society allocates its scarce resources to satisfy its unlimited wants), Romeo began pouring himself into answering the question, “What is it that truly satisfies?”  This question, along with many others, was a starting point for Romeo in determining how he would leverage his strengths to serve influencers.

Shortly after completing his bachelor’s degree, Romeo received his MBA.  Yet again, this educational experience formulated for him even more takeaways and even more questions.  The main question he took from his master’s degree programs was, “How is permanence, sustainability and long-term growth achieved as it relates to change?”  This question solidified for him that he would spend the rest of his life devoted to serving and helping influencers find answers to these and many other questions.


Romeo spent the last several years as a Sales Director, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, managing, leading and training hundreds of sales professionals.  His methods for leading his teams were always centered around doing things differently. He chose to avoid, at all costs, the fear-inducing style of management that he believes drives the worst out of people.  He chose instead to foster people’s strengths and live by the leadership philosophy that morale breeds performance. He also pioneered many reorganization initiatives, designed and integrated several training programs, and received numerous state-wide and national performance-based sales awards.

What he relishes most were the times he was chosen, based on delivering results, to train his peers at regional and divisional sales meetings.  It was those experiences that bore in him the hunger and passion to train and inspire influencers.









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