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5 Reasons Why Romeo Is the Right Choice for Your Group

1. Relevant Experience

For the past 10 years, Romeo has delivered keynote speeches and facilitated trainings to thousands of individuals on the topics that lead to immediate, lasting results.

2. High Energy Level

Romeo makes it a point to interact with his audiences (visit his video section to see him in action).  He uses his enthusiasm and dynamic nature to bring the best out of the groups he speaks to.  Along with humor, Romeo weaves his intensity and liveliness into each and every speech he delivers.

3. Authentic Approach

Many speakers know how to say “the right thing” and put on a show, but few actually keep their audience the main point of the gathering.  Romeo is just the opposite.  He prides himself in, well…being himself.  What you see is what you get. Which is a genuine, real speaker who connects with his audiences and meets them where they are.

4. Meaningful Message

Romeo’s speeches, trainings, and individual coaching sessions are defined by his ability to craft a message that transcends the moment.  His content is saturated in instruction that empowers his clients to look far beyond typical watered-down motivational lip service.  Instead, he drills to the core of people and provides them with direction, hope, and strategy.

5. Consistent Follow-Up

Arguably, Romeo’s #1 distinction from other speakers is his accessibility to his audiences long after an engagement.  He invites his audience to follow-up with him directly via email, phone or in person.  And he personally gets back to each individual insuring a smooth transition as they begin implementing his talks.



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