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In 2003, Romeo received his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Maryland.  While in college, he came across a definition of economics (the study of how society allocates its scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants), that would change the trajectory of his life. Since coming across that definition, Romeo has been obsessed with

answering the question, “What is it that truly satisfies?”  

Shortly after completing his bachelor’s degree, Romeo received his MBA. The main question he took from his master’s degree program was, “How is permanence, sustainability and long-term growth achieved?”  This question solidified for him that he would spend his career serving and helping influencers find answers to these and many other questions.


After receiving his MBA, Romeo spent nearly a decade as a director of sales and training in education scouting, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, managing, leading and training hundreds of sales professionals. He designed and integrated several training programs, was responsible for pioneering several reorganization initiatives and received numerous

state-wide and national performance-based awards.

Most recently, he was a loan officer in the mortgage industry helping current and prospective homeowners with refinances and purchases. He worked for the largest lender in the world, ranking in the top 2% out of nearly 2,000, for customer service.


Romeo grew up in Maryland where he spent the first twenty-five years of his life.  He is an only child which should tell you everything you need to know about him:) Romeo loves Apple products, grilling red meat, and spending time with family and friends. He also loves the New York Football Giants and the Boston Red Sox. Weird. We know.

He is married to his beautiful better half, Natalie. Together, they have two amazing kids: Landon and Calleigh. Both are in middle school and both love basketball. They are the absolute heartbeat of both mom and dad.

To put it simply, Romeo is a passionate guy that loves people and loves creating things.

He looks forward to the opportunity of working with you and your team.


1.  HE'S A STORYTELLER. Is there anything worse than a speaker who throws statistics and cliches with no regard to what kind of experience you're having? Your team's experience is everything to Romeo. With his unique story-driven approach you will be on the edge of your seat hanging on every word as he frames point after point with story. 

2.  HE CONNECTS TO THE HEART. If you're looking for a speaker who goes beyond motivation and instead connects to the heart and soul of your audience, look no further. Romeo speaks with substance and passion. There is gravity, weight, and depth to his words. He takes tremendous pride in exiting the surface to delve deep into the topics that matter most.

3.  HE DOESN'T RECYCLE. Well, not exactly. He does recycle plastics and aluminum but not his talks. He's a huge believer in fresh, relevant content. His top priority is always customizing and tailoring content to align completely with your organization's main goals and objectives.

4.  ROMEO WILL BE THE EASIEST SPEAKER YOU'LL EVER WORK WITH. Why should your event planning process be a headache? It shouldn't! Many speakers are all ego. Romeo leads with authenticity. He cares deeply about every client he interacts with. Whether it's an email to an executive assistant or it's a conversation with a CEO, Romeo exudes positivity, kindness, and gratitude.

5.  HE COMES HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. From CEOs and Senior Vice Presidents to educators, student leaders, and parents, Romeo has a way of exceeding the expectations of his clients. Just tour his site and watch the testimonial videos and hear for yourself what your experience will be like. He takes pride in guaranteeing a phenomenal experience for you and your team.



In a world filled with counterfeit, Romeo carries with him a genuineness and sincerity that you'll experience at every turn. He prides himself in being the real deal. His commitment to authenticity allows him to be vulnerable and transparent with his audiences creating incredible, lasting connections on and off stage.


No word better describes Romeo and is used more often to describe him than passionate. He, as Ronnie Oldham says, cares more than others think is wise. He defines passion as loving something enough to be willing to endure anything to see it come to fruition. Romeo endures whatever is necessary in preparation of his talks to ensure his audiences expectations are always exceeded.


Is there anything more important when looking for a speaker than integrity? Will they be honest? Is their word their bond? Do they follow through? Can I trust them? These are questions that Romeo's character answers. When you book Romeo for your event you can expect to deal with someone who places a premium on always being highly dependable and reliable. 


Romeo's speaking mantra, UNLEARN BORING, taken from one of his favorite authors Sally Hogshead, is the driving force behind every talk he gives. Through humor and illustrations, Romeo seeks to, as Guy Kawasaki says, enchant the heart. His slogan on the homepage of this site is: captivating audiences one story at a time. Captivation, enchantment, and engagement are his goals. 



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